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  • Raahauge Mullins posted an update 5 months ago

    You have definitely heard of fat freezing (تجميد الدهون) as a great option for contouring and slimming your abdomen for example. You must be wondering if it really works. In short – YES! You just have to find a reliable provider of fat freezing (تجميد الدهون) treatment – like Lucia Clinic, one of the most renowned aesthetic and dermatology centers in Dubai.

    The most effective fat freezing (علاج تبييض البشرة) treatment is definitely CoolSculpting. It works on the basis of cryolipolysis or emitting freezing temperature to fat cells. This low temperature freezes away fat cells and destroys them. After a while, your body flushes the fat cells away and you are left with a sculpted and slimmer waist or abdomen. Amazing right?

    CoolSculpting fat freezing (تجميد الدهون) treatment is super effective in targeting stubborn fat pockets that won’t reduce no matter how much you exercise or keep a proper diet. This fat freezing (تجميد الدهون) treatment destroys the fat cells forever, which is a great benefit for you. Once your abdomen gets slimmer and nicely contoured, you will be more than motivated to continue with your fitness routine and keep the results of your fat freezing (تجميد الدهون) treatment.

    The best part is that you don’t have to put any effort from your side – this fat freezing (تجميد الدهون) treatment does everything for you. Your Lucia Clinic’s skin therapist will create a customized fat freezing (تجميد الدهون) treatment plan, that will include 1 or 2 sessions – depending on your aesthetic goals. About 3 months after your sessions, you can expect to see the best results – a slimmer and nicely contoured silhouette.

    Call Lucia Clinic today and schedule your fat freezing (تجميد الدهون) treatment!

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