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World Wide Gamers

Meet people from your area or make new friends from far away. You just never know where you might find yourself next.

True Team and Group Play

Learn to play well with others instead of being at the mercy of PUGs

Everything You Want

A group with a catchy name, people that you enjoy in game, and an optional coffee mug (soon ™)

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Nothing from February 26, 2024 to March 25, 2024.

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History of WTF Inc.

WTF Inc is the perfect example of what might be called in gaming “The Perfect Storm”. Well, at least that is what we thought, when someone suggested we use Discord because one of our team members in Overwatch was blocked behind a sand curtain (don’t ask). My immediate response was, “um, what is Discord?” and the rest is history, our history anyway.


WTF Inc is a gamer organization composed of people from all over the world (except Australia but we are trying) that started out playing just way too much Overwatch together, still pretty much true, and decided to do more.


I have personally been playing Overwatch since Beta, as well as being a Gamer as long as I can remember. I have been constantly amazed by the raw talent and intelligence of the gaming community overall. I have come to know programmers, writers, digital artists, painters, sketchers and musicians from quite literally all over the world. (Thank goodness they all don’t mind speaking English and have huge amounts of patience with me.)


WTF Inc is at its core a home away from home for all the gamers we meet who want to experience more. That can be more gaming, more solid groups, more opportunities, more challenges and anything you can imagine. We know it is possible because we as individuals and as a community imagine more every day. We appreciate your interest and do hope that you will enjoy interacting with our community. One thing I can guarantee is that we will always be changing, growing, invading and raiding everywhere we can because, hey, that is what Gamers do.

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